Create your online voting solution for your co-op or membership organization in 3 easy steps.


Step 1 - Create and Install Voting Website

We put up a separate voting website for your company. This can be placed on a brand new domain ( or can be placed on a sub-domain of your existing website ( When people access this new site, they will be presented with a micro-site containing candidate statements, voting information and a login screen to actually cast their vote. Think of the site pages as a voter's pamphlet tailored specifically to your election.

Check out the example sites below...


Step 2 - Import, Design and Create

  • IMPORT Your membership list into the Online Voting Solution through a simple upload interface. Each member will be given one vote in each election.
  • DESIGN your voter's pamphlet using our robust WYSIWYG editor
  • CREATE your election ballot using the election manager. Question/answer types can vary based on the needs of each individual election. Whether you need a drop down list, rating scale, check box or a free form text box, the Online Voting Solution has you covered.


Step 3 - Election & Results

  • Your election will run for a specific period of time that is determined and set in the election manager.
  • Results are available in real time as the election is ongoing
  • After the election is over, export results to see who voted, when they voted and how they voted (optional).


Want to learn more?

Our short video will show you how the solution is set up and what you need to get your next election online.

Ready to take your elections online?

We can get your election online in as little as 48 hours. Let us help you take the next step in your elections!